We moved in on a very cold January day in 2023 bursting with excitement about our new adventure. We'd almost exclusively lived in new builds, so it's fair to say we had absolutely no idea about what we were taking on!  In true Moore style though, we were ready for a challenge and so had prepared our project list and were itching to get started. Pretty much immediately that was derailed with plumbing and roofing issues which needed to be dealt with before we could move forward. Little did we know, this was going to be the start of many, many curve balls that sometimes felt like they came at us on a daily basis. We certainly learnt how to flex our resilience muscles a lot during those first few months. We also became plumbing experts and knew all there was to know about copper pipe and boiler systems. Big shout out to PJH plumbing aswell who have been on the journey with us and couldn't have been more knowledgable, helpful or determined to find solutions to the many issues.  The kitchen was the first thing we tackled as it truly is the heart of our home. It's a huge space and a massive job and 6 weeks turned into a lot, lot, lot longer! Washing up with a hose outside was not that fun, nor was blocking the bath plughole with spaghetti but we still ate and lived to tell the tale. It helped we had a fantastic kitchen fitter who was like one of the family by the time it was finished and his energy and enthusism for the project never faltered, nor his attention to detail.   We wanted to create a coheseive feel throughtout the ground fllow so took the flooring all the way through the kitchen into the hall and what was to be the Snug. Martson Flooring were fantastic and helped level out our old and uneven floor and created a modern, sleek look which was going to be hard wearing.   

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